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Searchable planet for a sustainable future

The world is only becoming more complicated as we seek to improve material well-being for billions while reducing our collective footprint at the same time

Othersphere — the data and analytical core of our products — exists to enable systems-scale analysis, cut through the complexity of infrastructure deployment, and reveal optimal pathways to more sustainable, equitable human prosperity

Global data

Analytical core for all of our products includes open, paid, and Othersphere-created data indexed to each location

AI-enabled analysis

Bottom-up, massive-scale analysis bringing together the best of traditional spreadsheets, databases, and GIS tools

Global value chains

Patent-pending approach to rapidly assessing commodity and infrastructure systems across all viable locations

Local relationships

Revealing the implications of our choices and how they may affect human and environmental systems at each location


Beginning with hydrogen and purpose-built to serve other infrastructure needs


Helping different groups align around a transparent, accessible, and defensible view of facts on the ground


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