What we DEliver

A better way to build hydrogen projects

Othersphere Explorer organizes vast amounts of global data and provides rapid insights to accelerate project timelines, reduce risks, and improve economic and environmental performance of energy infrastructure projects

Global data

40+ key variables such as natural gas and power prices, 5,000+ large industrial offtakers, power instructure, solar and wind potential, pipelines, roads, and a wide range of human and environmental factors

Comprehensive analysis

Advanced, patent-pending commodity systems model assesses numerous production technologies, available transport pathways, and nearby offtakers at every location in parallel generating 25+ billion project permutations worldwide

Accessible insights

Quickly revealing ideal sites with scoring based on economics, emissions, and fit with local surroundings delivered through an easy to use web-based interface


The Othersphere advantage

Rapid site comparisons

Clear summary statistics help reveal the best location for your next project, distilled from hundreds of project configurations assessed at 180 million potential project locations

Easily accessible insights

Complex information displayed simply to make exploration and key insights accessible to both technical and non-technical users 

Holistic view of project performance

Weaving together the many factors that determine success in an increasingly complex world by assessing potential projects based on economics, emissions, and fit with local surroundings

Adjust analytics to your needs

Bring your own data and assumptions to use the power of the Othersphere platform to inform your view of the world

Supporting your internal processes

View all assumptions, methodologies, and source data to vet results, and then download functional project economic models to enable approval processes with internal and external stakeholders

Value ADD

Supercharge your entire team

Save money

Reduce manual internal work and reliance on outside resources, by automating data analysis and project evaluation processes

Save time

Cut months of data gathering and analysis, to make decisions faster and meet your climate goals more effectively

Strengthen alignment

Foster collaboration and cooperation via a shared understanding of each project across development teams, executives, offtakers, treasury, policy, local groups, financiers, insurers, and beyond

Assess competitiveness

Rapidly understand project and portfolio strength relative to market alternatives, based on assessment of numerous different technologies and project configurations at each location

Optimize capital

Select sites that will deliver the best outcomes in terms of lower cost of capital, greater insurability, and stronger long-term performance


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Expanding across connected value chains

We serve the hydrogen market today, but intend to support global industrial decarbonization more broadly. Over time Othersphere Explorer will expand to include many commodities that are essential to sustainable, equitable prosperity. Please contact us to learn more.


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