Robert Murphy discusses scaling sustainable infrastructure in Someone Like You podcast


I recently had a great chat with Marco Pimentel about building a team and company to help tackle our shared climate challenge.

We focused on how any meaningful climate solution will be a collaborative effort, and Othersphere's story is no different. You can listen to the conversation here.

This year was made possible by our incredible team, supporters such as Breakthrough Energy, Active Impact Investments, Thin Line Capital, and the experts who have taken the time to test what we're building and point us in the right direction.

Stay tuned, as next year it's our turn to give back!


Original data source:

Spatial coverage:





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🏔 The challenge

Equipment sizing and operating strategy LCOH optimizations for hydrogen electrolysis plants are cumbersome and time-consuming. It can take days to weeks to get the data, with each optimization run often taking hours. This limits analytical efforts to a handful of potential sites, leaving many opportunities unexplored.

The result — sub-optimal capital allocation and higher risks, with countless missed opportunities.The difference between initial cost calculations versus hourly optimizations can be dramatic, and highlights location as a critical element of project success.

🛠 Our solution

Othersphere has revolutionized this process by combining the power of our underlying spatial economics platform with neural networks for dimensionality reduction and surrogate modeling.

Our global search engine now recommends pre-optimized projects in seconds, having already run an hourly optimization considering:

1) Hourly day-ahead wholesale power market pricing

2) Grid upgrade CAPEX (developed with a global leader in grid transmission engineering and equipment)

3) Grid fees associated with transmission connections

4) Variable stack efficiency by load, incorporating operational ranges

5) System economies of scale, as well as commercial and technical nuances between PEM and alkaline plants

6) Hourly carbon intensity data

7) Demand profiles and cost of storage

8) Co-located renewables CAPEX

9) High-spatial resolution hourly solar and wind capacity factor data

All of this is delivered through the Othersphere Explorer tool, which provides a novel, bottom-up view of potential hydrogen projects, evaluating key factors such as production costs, emissions, available offtakers, and fit with local surroundings.

Othersphere Explorer 101 - System optimization for electrolysis

Introducing the world’s first global optimizer for hydrogen projects


Topography is one of the many variables within the Othersphere Explorer tool used to reveal and diligence optimal siting of sustainable infrastructure projects. To inform this analysis we use licensed data, open data, and novel datasets we have created or augmented. Our topography data is an example of the latter, where we built upon the exceptional work within the Multi-Error-Removed Improved-Terrain Digital Elevation Model (MERIT DEM).

🔍 Augmented for massive-scale analysis

To make this sophisticated dataset even more accessible, we have introduced tiling to the MERIT DEM. Each tile offers detailed elevation and ruggedness data, enhancing usability for systematic geographical analyses.

🚀 Tackling climate must be a group effort

We are excited to release this tiled dataset derived from MERIT DEM, adhering to licensing requirements and aiming to benefit the broader community working on topographical challenges. This data is provided as a parquet file (~4.5GB) and is access through Google Cloud Storage. Please click here to learn more about setting up a Google account to access the data and here to learn more about gsutil for downloading files. Alternatively, please contact can we can work with you to determine other file delivery options.

Data Release #1 - Topography

Multi-Error-Removed Improved-Terrain Digital Elevation Model (MERIT DEM) is a sophisticated dataset that addresses terrain issues common in other mapping efforts.


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